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Opulent restroom trailers in Austin TX

Restroom Trailer Rental in Texas

Texas is a booming state, from the oil fields in the countryside to the construction industry. From remote, undeveloped areas to busy cities like Dallas, there are always major projects going on. However, the restroom facilities are often sorely inadequate or even nonexistent. People can’t work at their best without a comfortable, pleasant place to relieve themselves, whether it’s a simple bathroom or a luxury restroom. Whether you’re running an industrial site, a sporting event, or something else entirely, you should consider something better than a porta-potty.

The porta-potty remains the most popular mobile restroom solution, but even nicer models can be terribly unpleasant. They’re over-exposed to the elements with a lack of heating or AC, and the porta-potty toilet itself has an infamous stink. Not to mention, privacy is also lacking when you use a porta-potty. Restroom trailer rentals are the perfect solution to all of these problems, as they can offer a comfortable and even luxurious, amenities-rich mobile restroom experience.

Restroom Trailer Rental Texas

Restroom trailers are the premier option when it comes to mobile restroom solutions. There’s a wide range of options to choose from, with small trailers being suitable for 50-75 people while large trailers can many times that number on their own. Furthermore, different portable restroom trailers can come with the exact amenity that you want to make your guests feel comfortable.

Simple, more affordable restroom trailers are perfect for Texas construction such as the ongoing road construction in Denton or the expansive office complexes in Dallas. For instance, the two-station Vegas model will suit your teams well. On the other hand, there also luxury restrooms and specialized models to suit any sort of public restroom need. If you’re running a leisure event or a large, private celebration, you might anticipate a disabled visitor needing to use the bathroom. VIP To Go has predicted this need as well, which is why we offer ADA-compliant bathrooms to support those who use wheelchairs.

Urinal and sink in restroom trailer rental

How Do Mobile Restroom Trailers Work

A mobile restroom trailer is just that; a mobile restroom on a trailer. Compared to porta-potties, which are essentially a plastic exterior with a bucket of chemicals, mobile restroom trailers contain all of the core features of a bathroom. It’s an enclosed, private space with a flushing toilet and its own waste storage. As a result, using a restroom trailer solves many of the problems of porta-potties and provides a much more comfortable experience.

Restroom trailers are easy to run, and you can connect them to any spigot to provide the water they need for operation. While spigots aren’t always available when Texas businesses and individuals need a mobile restroom trailer, bathroom trailers can still work in this circumstance. It’s possible to equip a restroom trailer with a fresh water tank that will provide it the capacity to support any sort of large event, from a family reunion in the woods to a remote wedding at Enchanted Rock or long-term oil drilling operations in the countryside.

Why Restroom Trailer Rental is Ideal

Portable restroom trailers are an extremely efficient way to provide comfortable, mobile restroom services for large numbers of people. While the costs that restroom trailers involve are greater, they can keep up with longer-term, larger-scale usage thanks to their considerable waste storage. That’s not even getting into the quality of life features you can enjoy with these restroom facilities, such as running water and air conditioning. There are many use cases for portable restroom trailers in Texas, from industry to personal occasions.

Why Use Portable Restroom Trailers?

Construction and Oil Industries

The booming construction and oil industries in Texas often require large numbers of workers to head somewhere without adequate restroom facilities. During the hot Texas summer, features like flushing toilets and air conditioning found in spacious, well-ventilated restroom trailers are invaluable. Without them, relieving yourself in a cramped, stuffy box-like porta-potty could be quite miserable and unsanitary. VIP To Go has a great deal of experience servicing industry and commerce in the oil fields and cities like Dallas, Houston, and Denton with practical, affordable bathroom trailer rentals.

Bathroom Renovations

Serving your own staff is far from the only reason to desire a more comfortable mobile restroom solution. In fact, the comfort and features of trailer restrooms become even more important when the restrooms serving your customers become inoperable.

Providing porta-potties for your family and workers on a mutual understanding that costs are important is one thing. However, requiring such compromises from your customers is likely to result in them heading to a different business altogether. Recently, a number of McDonald’s in Dallas needed to renovate their bathrooms and were concerned by the problem of providing customers with comfortable restrooms. They turned to VIP To Go for the perfect solution; a set of comfortable, luxurious bathroom trailers for each location. For that matter, Home Depot stores in Houston had the same problem and found the same solution with us.

Portable restroom trailers are an excellent stop-gap solution when your existing restrooms are in need of repairs or renovations. While it will be different from using a normal bathroom, it will be a qualitatively equal or better experience. As such, you can use restroom trailer rentals to keep your business running smoothly and avoid greater losses or inconvenience to customers. This flexibility is a great advantage of elegant portable restroom trailers which also become useful for all sorts of special occasions.

Special Events

When the Austin City Limits Festival draws hundreds of thousands of participants each fall, the need for restroom facilities at Zilker Park becomes hundreds of times greater than what it is normally. Not only is it necessary in cases like this to provide enough bathrooms to keep up with the day-by-day demand, but the portable restrooms you choose also need high waste capacity. If your toilets reach their waste capacity and you lack a timely means to clean them, then your mobile restroom is little more than an expensive box.

This is why restroom trailers are the ideal solution for all sorts of major events. For one, features like air conditioning, individual stalls, and greater comfort elevate the experience of your guests. Sporting events, concerts, and music festivals often exceed the locally available restroom facilities. If this happens to an event you’re organizing, you should rent a suitable restroom trailer to make up for the shortage.

How Much Does Buying a Restroom Trailer Cost

The cost of buying a restroom trailer is prohibitively expensive for any organization that isn’t planning to use it until it breaks. Basic, low-capacity portable restroom trailers can cost as much as $19,000, while high-quality trailers can surpass $40,000 or $50,000 quite easily. But even if you intend to use a restroom trailer long-term, buying contains various additional costs compared to renting from VIP To Go.

Your organization will have to deal with provisioning and cleaning the restroom. Not to mention, you’ll also need to buy, store, and manage any add-on units you desire such as a sink station or freshwater tank. Buying a restroom trailer is expensive, and self-operation is logistically complex and challenging. Instead of getting wrapped up in these details, rent from VIP To Go and reap the benefits of working with Texas’ restroom trailer rental experts.

Choose Restroom Trailer Rentals Instead

In most use cases, restroom trailer rentals cost a tiny fraction of the cost of buying up-front. If you have a short-term need for mobile restroom solutions, then it goes without saying that the cost won’t compare. With respect to long-term use, VIP To Go offers bulk and long-term discounted prices that will keep trailer rentals competitive.

As portable restroom trailers are a large, expensive, and complex service, VIP To Go offers them on a quote-based model. Once you get in touch with us and provide your specific volume needs, preferences for amenities, budget, and length of use, we’ll offer a custom quote that will be cost-efficient and convenient for you. Furthermore, VIP To Go can include routine servicing, cleaning, and emptying with safe waste disposal in our services.

Restroom trailer rental

Choose VIP to Go for Restroom Trailer and Shower Trailer Rentals

VIP To Go is the trusted provider of luxurious mobile restroom solutions across Texas and America. Rent elegant portable restroom trailers, shower trailer rentals, and complete mobile bathrooms with the services you need at the right price. We offer a variety of competitive advantages that keep our clients coming back, from frequent rollover and replacement of our fleet to environmentally-friendly cleaning and waste disposal techniques.

While porta-potties have their place, sometimes you need a luxury restroom that’s more comfortable. Whether you’re planning a family reunion in Houston, concerts around Texas, or run a construction site in Dallas, VIP To Go is the right choice. Get in touch today to get a free quote on the restroom trailer of your choice.