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The Ritz 24’ Fireplace Trailer with 8 Stations 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

The Ritz 24’ Fireplace Trailer with 8 Stations

The Ritz is a 24’ trailer has 8 stations and the added luxury of a fireplace, replete with 2 urinals, 2 stalls and sink in the men’s room and 4 stalls and a 2 sinks in the ladies’ room.

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The Ritz measures in at 24’ long but it is even longer on space and luxury. This fireplace trailer has two entrances doors: 1 for women and 1 for men. Both sides include full air conditioning and heat, ample lighting, hot and cold running water in the stainless steel sinks and comfortable wood tones. The men’s room offers 2 stalls with toilets, 2 urinals and 1 sink. The women’s room offers 4 stalls and 2 sinks with a built-in fireplace for added luxury. This trailer is recommended for events with up to 1,500 guests; it is a luxury trailer with a fireplace for high traffic events.

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Steve Miller 29.03.15

The fire place and the sound was a hit, great job VIP TO GO.



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