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8 shower station trailer includes 2 ADA compliant showers.

8 Station Shower Unit offers Privacy and ADA Compliance

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This 8 station shower trailer rental unit features 8 private shower stations and 2 sinks, with ADA compliant design. It has a large waste tank and spacious interior.

Shower / Restroom Combo Unit with 2 Private Rooms

2 Station Restroom & Shower Combination Unit Rental

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This clean and simple trailer offers 2 private rooms, each with a shower, toilet and sink,can serve up to 20 workers in a 40 hour work week or 75 guests for up to 10 hours.

3 unit shower / toilet combo unit

3 Unit Shower / Restroom Combo Trailer

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The 3 station restroom/shower trailer offers private rooms accommodating up to 40 people on an average 40 hour work-site or 125 guests in a 10 hour event.